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Looking Forward

Based on in-depth interviews with 13 U.S. higher education thought leaders, we are happy to present the white paper "Future Forward: The Next Twenty Years of Higher Education" in conjunction with Blackboard's 20th anniversary.

We asked U.S. higher education leaders to share their insights into what the higher education institution of the future will look like; how other industries will influence higher education; how technology will enable change in the way learning is delivered and assessed; and a variety of other topics.

Download the whitepaper and read about the key themes that emerged from the interviews and are detailed in the white paper:

  • The current higher education system is unsustainable and ill-suited for a globally connected world that is constantly changing.
  • Colleges and universities will have to change their current business model to continue to thrive, boost revenue and drive enrollment.
  • New technologies will allow faculty to shift their focus to the application of learning rather than the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Data and the ability to transform that data into action will be the new lifeblood of the institution.
  • The heart and soul of any institution are its people. Adopting new technologies is only a small piece of the puzzle; institutions must also work with faculty and staff to change institutional culture.

We hope these interviews will spark conversation, learning, and the exchange of ideas about the future of higher education that is so necessary for its advancement. Download the whitepaper now »

About The Author

Van L. Davis, PhD

Associate Vice President, Higher Education Policy and Research, Blackboard Inc.

Van Davis is Associate Vice President for Higher Education Policy and Research. Davis works on college access and affordability and other higher education policy issues as well as learning technology, workforce alignment, and accessibility. Davis speaks extensively around the nation on higher education policy and trends and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Competency Based Education as well as on the Advisory Board of UPCEA’s National Council for Online Education, the Steering Committee for WCET, and the Board of Directors for PeltonU.

Download the whitepaper