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What's New in Administration

Join us for a Live Webinar Event!

Thursday, March 28th @ 1:00pm Eastern Time

Blackboard GUI Administrators often have to keep up-to-date on the latest administrative changes as well as functional changes in Blackboard Learn™.   How can you make sure you have covered all of these features and understand the impact on your institution?   And, what happens if you are brand new in the job?  What are the training options available?
In this webinar, Connie Weber, Blackboard Senior Manager for Training, will outline the "What’s New” training courses recently launched to cover the new features of administration in the latest Service Packs and provide recertification for those who have previously taken the Administrator Certification series. In addition, she will overview the Course Delivery, Community Engagement, and Content Management Certification courses for GUI Administrators.   During this brief session, you’ll have an opportunity to tour the course and get answers to your questions, so you can determine which training option is best for you. 

See you online soon!

-The Blackboard Team

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