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Invest in your greatest asset, your people. Help them learn and remain engaged while keeping your company competitive. Blackboard for Business can help your organisation continue to achieve strategic objectives for years to come.

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Blackboard understands the challenges that you face.

Compliance &

Compliance and certification training is an essential part of learning. Blackboard for Business can help you go beyond just ticking the boxes.


Blackboard for Business understands the many ways your sales talent may learn — from onboarding new hires to empowering seasoned sales professionals.


Avoid losing top 20% of your talent by powering your Leadership Development training with Blackboard for Business


Your employees have a strong influence on customer satisfaction and the success of your business. Blackboard for Business helps strengthen their experience.

Mark Priddle
National Manager of the Institute
Primary Healthcare

"As health care professionals have very little time, it is important to have a good learning system that allows them to go at their own pace. Blackboard has helped us bring people together from over 70 sites across Australia. This has allowed education ideas to be shared and people to form new relationships."


Compliance and certification

Just ticking the boxes? That could cost your organisation its reputation — and your employees their jobs.

Today, compliance and certification training is an essential part of learning — and for good reason.

If compliance and certification is important to your organisation’s business, training and HR strategy, you can’t afford to invest in a learning solution that is less than engaging, challenging, and enjoyable — and ultimately certifiable — for your employees.

Blackboard for Business creates solutions that really educate your staff. Make the shift from compliance training (‘just tick the box and pass’) to compliance learning (‘I understand and can apply this’).

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Sales training

Welcome to sales as ‘social enterprise’: connected, networked, based on relationships that are built in social media — and not with an in-person handshake.

In this new, virtual sales arena, customised Sales Training enables your sales team to get up to speed and your organisation to sustain its competitive stride.

Blackboard for Business understands the many ways your sales talent may learn — from onboarding new hires to empowering more seasoned sales professionals with leadership competencies. We offer solutions that are proven to boost sales for those who complete their training by an average of 12%.

“Today, more than ever, we are focusing on the employee and manager experience. What do they need to be successful, to collaborate effectively, to ensure success of all team members? Blackboard will continue to build upon 20 years of experience in Learning Development and Management providing the best possible user experience for your employees and leadership.”
— Tom Holz, Senior Director Blackboard International
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Leadership development

Ready to lose your Top 20% talent? Without a Leadership Development training program, you run just that risk.

When top-level talent moves out of the organisation — taking the knowledge, experience, motivation and enthusiasm that can build your business — it can be quiet devastating.

Blackboard for Business to the rescue. With our engaging learning & development solutions, we’ve helped companies like Allstate and Bayer retain and grow their top talent. Successful companies invest in their employees’ leadership development - and are rewarded with more revenue, better market performance, and higher levels of innovation.

“There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop...”
— Randall L. Stephenson, CEO and President AT&T
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Employee experience

Your staff deserves the new learning experience only Blackboard for Business can provide: Intuitive, seamless, integrated, engaging, social and above all personalised.

The power to drive business is now in the hands of your employees. Helping them grow — through training in such areas as Sales, Leadership, industry specific Compliance and Collaboration — is the best way to retain and reward them, and see a sustained competitive advantage in your business.

And providing your people with the power to learn 24/7, anywhere and any way they want, in an online environment that engages and encourages, is how Blackboard for Business creates the most effective, enjoyable and truly flexible Customer Experience in online education.

“Today, more than ever, we are focusing on the learner and their needs. What do they need to be successful in the organisation? Blackboard will continue to build upon our experience in Learning Management with a focus on making the best possible user experience for your employee learners.”
— Tom Holz, Senior Director Blackboard International
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Paul Merrylees
The Advisory Board Company

"We looked across the learning solutions landscape and chose Blackboard because its richness of functionality best matched our needs."

We understand your industry

There is no industry, sector or function in the world of business that doesn’t need ongoing learning & development for their employees and partners to stay sharp, competitive and in the lead.

Blackboard for Business has the data to prove it.

Our full-service, full-enterprise, 24/7 approach to transforming business through training helps you define and realise your organisation’s strategic goals. In today’s turbulent and rapidly-changing business environment, Blackboard for Business can be the keystone to unifying and connecting your teams so your enterprise can soar. Blackboard has 100 million users, and with 16,000 clients worldwide, we have worked with companies from all industries and of all sizes. From Fortune 500 to start-ups, we advise, support, and help each company achieve success.

Financial Services

Training is vital when markets continue to change, new modes and models of investment funds are emerging, and ever-more-stringent regulations need to be heeded.


Staff development across your entire organisation: it’s what you need in the fast-moving, highly innovative Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

Extended Enterprise

Your business is strongest when your whole enterprise is ‘on the same page’. That’s the big strategic advantage to offering specialized training.


The automotive sector is rapidly changing. How do you get your people and organisation in racing shape for the changes coming up?


Financial Services & Banking

Training is essential in the Financial Services and Banking industry. You have to build trust and a sense of stability with your clients in this highly regulated, constantly-shifting arena. Markets are changing, new modes and models of pension and other investment funds are emerging, and there are ever-more-stringent regulations and rules to be heeded.

Blackboard for Business understands those challenges and the need for training that ensures your staff and management are competent, confident and compliant in all their dealings.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Staff development across your entire organisation: it’s what you need in the fast-moving, highly innovative Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. Enabled by technology, the entire model of healthcare and pharma is shifting to provide more service orientation, and life-changing new medicines, to the patients who need them most.

That same technology, deployed through Blackboard’s learning solutions, enables your geographically-diverse staff to learn about the latest products and techniques wherever they are. Get them on the same page without having to get on a plane: no need to travel for trainings when Blackboard for Business is available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

"The pendulum is swinging away from quantity back to quality of (pharma) sales professionals and their interactions with customers; couple this with the need for field professionals to have more broad business acumen, and organisations are seeing training and development as a key driver for this change."
— Michael Capaldi, Associate Vice President, sales training and management development, Sanofi-Aventis
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Extended Enterprise

Extended Enterprise training connects your organisation’s whole external ecosystem — from channel partners, suppliers, dealers, to your customers.

When your whole enterprise is ‘on the same page’, your business is stronger. That’s the big strategic advantage to offering a specialized training. Plus you get a sustained competitive edge, a stronger brand, and the increased profitability that comes from offering paid training leading to certification. It’s a big win for your whole ecosystem.

Blackboard for Business leverages our aggregate 20 years of learner-centric, effective and measurable blended learning in our approach to Extended Enterprise solutions. Get your entire enterprise on the same page with Blackboard.

“Blackboard allows us to custom brand for certain customers. The corporate branded university is a great feature for those who want to sell their courses to corporate clients.”
— Ann Gambaro, Director of Content Development and Lead Instructional Designer for Mortgage Bankers Association (AU)
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In the brave new world of the Automotive industry, technological innovations like ‘driverless’ autos are proving to be a game-changer. Reinvention is in the air – and regulations are ensuring that air stays cleaner. Global supply chains mean complex dealings to produce even one vehicle. In this demanding arena, how do you get your people and organisation in racing shape for the rapid changes coming up?

Blackboard for Business has deep experience in the automotive industry, and understands the need for training that re-wires the assumptions (and revs up the motivation) of your staff and management. We help you stay lean, agile, aligned – and way ahead of the curve.

“Revolution in the car industry is not only taking place in new business models, but also in marketing and sales. There is a massive shift in purchasing behavior. This necessitates reinventing the whole sales process and customer relationship management.”
— Felix Stöckle, Marketing and Branding Expert and Partner, Prophet Berlin
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We offer optimized solutions to address your needs

Open Source Learning Management System

Blackboard Open LMS™


Blackboard Open LMS™ is our Moodle-Based SaaS Open-Source Learning Management System.

Blackboard is uniquely positioned to provides a strong, open source foundation for competency-based blended, online and professional learning to drive institutional and organizational effectiveness.

Learning Management System

Blackboard Learn™


Blackboard Learn is the powerful learning management system that serves as the foundation of Blackboard's portfolio.

Learn helps corporations enhance their experience by giving learners more ways to stay engaged online.

Web Conferencing & Collaboration

Blackboard Collaborate™


Blackboard Collaborate is a high definition, browser-based web conferencing solution that makes distance teaching and learning simple, crystal clear and worry-free. It includes mobile friendly recording and playback.

Follow the link below and try it out for 30 days.

Registration & Reporting

Blackboard Registration and Management


Blackboard Registration and Management helps you manage the full lifecycle of learning information with fully integrated learner registration, self-regulated tracking, e-commerce, and enterprise reporting systems and tools.


Blackboard Content Services


Creating engaging content is not easy. Whether you’re designing courses to increase sales effectiveness or administrating training, keeping your learners engaged is key.

Blackboard Content Services offers Custom Content Design as well as Content Migration and Conversion to provide eLearning that is engaging, interactive and inspiring.

Implementation & Strategic Consulting

Blackboard Professional Services


Our platform training and consulting services help you examine the effectiveness of your educational practices and strategies.

We help you take full advantage of your investment with Blackboard. Our experience supports you, and gives you the tools you need to achieve your desired goals.

About Blackboard for Business

Blackboard for Business provides learning & development solutions that keep your employees, partners, members and leadership competent, confident and compliant in all their dealings.

  • Launched online learning in 1997
  • A pioneer in online learning and development
  • 100 million learners in 100 countries
  • 16,000 clients across industries, including Bayer, Intl, Banco Santander, Allstate, Chartered Accountant of ANZ, and the Arab National Bank
  • 1,800 corporate & government clients worldwide
  • Offices in Australia, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom, and USA